A downloadable game for Windows

Tartarus is a walking simulator that take place in the most evil land that ever exist, the Tartar.

Who are you? Why are you here? Explore the oppressive world of Tartarus and solve enigmas, uncovering more and more information about your past mortal life and the terrible things you've done to deserve such a place to end.


- Explore the Tartar 

- Solve Enigmas and puzzles 

- Discover lore pieces accross the environement 

- Plunge into a deep narrative story 

- Find your way into a procedural environement

Tartarus was made by a team of last degree student at the IIM School. We hope that you will share with us your experience while playing our game.


Developed by : Albane Molière - Octave Schlumberger

Design by: Antoine Gilles - Francois Loing - Jerome Bonnet

Graphism by :  Alexandre FramezelleQuentin Theret - Yoav Bensadoun - Oceane Pimpit - Yanis Giarraffa

Sound designed by :  Audio Workshop

Lead Sound Designer : Raphaël Monnin

Sound Designers : Thomas Sieurac - Louise Jeanson - Floriane Morel - Joachim Tandjaoui - Nicolas Sanchez - Thibault Begin

Produced by : Maxime Gaulier - Robin Chaffard



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